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Home :: Fairs & Festivals of India :: Sonepur Cattle Fair

Sonepur Cattle Fair

Time : November - December
Venue : Sonepur (Bihar), held on the banks of River Ganges
Duration : One month

Highlights : World's one of the biggest cattle carnivals

Sonepur Cattle FairIndians are known to observe all the festivals with great fun and grandness. Most the Indian festivals are either regional, seasonal or religious in nature. Wold's biggest cattle fair takes place at Sonepur, Bihar yearly. The Sonepur fair has a intense historic magnificence. According to the travel lecture of a British administrative officer, W W Hynter, in 1919, the Sonepur fair used to be held in over 43 villages in the past.

The Sonepur fair is held on a wide 200 acres of land. This fair continues for 25 days. The fair is also a jubilation of good over evil. According to local folklore Sonepur Cattle Fair revives the Gajendra moksha legend which is related to the Hariharanatha Temple in Sonepur .

Most the Indian festivals are regional,seasonal or religious. During this month-long fair,cattle,adorn for the affair. This fair is held on kartik purnima. People enjoy the annual religious program and the fair. Trades, parades and race competitions are held for the goats. horses and cows. This fair has earned big draw for our tourism industry.
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People assemble in a large number to attain this special festival of its own kind. They are there not only to trade in domestic animals but many go there to watch the dancing girls who perform at the fair,which is also one of the other reasons of their presence.

Apart form the trading of the cattle the other things those are traded in this fair are garments, weapons and furniture, toys, utensils, agricultural implements, jewelery and various handicrafts.

Off late it is treated as a tourist spot and its is adored by the people all over the places. The place is not that far from the Capital Patna. Sonepur is 25 km form Patna airport. Even direct buses from Patna are available from the Sonepur.

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