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Medieval India

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The Turkish Invasion 1000 AD – 1206 AD Rajputanas like Gahrwals, Paramaras and Chauhans became powerful. Mahmud of Ghazni raids North India. Somnath temple plundered 17 times by Ghazni. Muhammad Ghuri conquers Sindh. Prithviraj Chauhan with the help of other Rajputs defeats Ghuri in the first battle of Tarain. In second battle of Tarain Prithviraj loses to Ghuri. Delhi Sultanate came into prominence.
The Slave Dynasty 1206 AD – 1290 AD Ghuri leaves his Indian possessions in the care of his former slave Aibak. Ghuri Dies. Aibak breaks links with Ghazni and establishes Slave Dynasty. Iltutmish succeeds Aibak. Qutub minar is built. Delhi becomes new capital of India. Ghinghiz Khan sweeps through north. Raziya becomes first lady sultan of India. Balban comes to power. Balban dies.
The Khiljis 1290 AD – 1320 AD Jalaluddin Khilji takes over Delhi Sultanate. Alauddin Khilji murders Jalaluddin and takes power. Malik Kafur led the campaign to south India. Most of south India falls under Khilji rule. Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq revolts against Khiljis and comes to power.
The Tughlaqs 1320 AD – 1412 AD Tughlaqs extend their territories. Muhammad-Bin-Tughlaq comes to power. Muhammad faces lots of problems because of his plans. Firoz Shah comes to power. Timur mercilessly sacks and plunders Delhi.
The Sayyids and Lodhi Sultans 1414 AD – 1526 AD Timurs nominee Sayyids rules Delhi. Lodhis take over power. Sikandar Lodhi moves capital from Delhi to Agra. The power of Lodhi decreases and gives rise to various kingdoms. Nanak founds Sikhism.
The Vijayanagara Empire 1336 AD – 1565 AD Harihara and Bukka establish Vijayanagara Empire on the banks of Tungabhadra. Fight numerous wars with Bahamani kings. Krishna Deva Raya establishes Tuluva Dynasty. Golden era of South India begins. Bahmani comes together and in the fight for Rakshasa-Tangdi defeats Rama Raja.
The Bahamani Kingdom 1346 AD – 1689 AD Hasan Gangu founds Bahamani Kingdom. Fights numerous wars with Vijayanagara. Bahamani kingdom breaks into five kingdoms. Defeat of Vijayanagara. Gol gumbaz, Charminar are built. Fights battle with Shivaji. Falls to Mughal power under Aurangzeb.
The Mughal Dynasty – I 1526 AD – 1556 AD Babar defeats Ibrahim Lodhi in the first battle of Panipath. Second classical age of north India begins. Humayun comes to power. Sher Shah defeats Humayun.
The Mughal Dynasty – II 1556 AD – 1627 AD In the second battle of Panipath Akbar defeats Hemu and takes Delhi back. Akbar extends his kingdom. Salim succeeds Akbar. East India company comes to India. Nur Jahan rules Delhi under Salim's guidance.
The Mughal Dynasty – III 1627 AD – 1857 AD Shah Jahan succeeds Salim. Taj Mahal and Red Fort were built. Aurangzeb kills his brothers and imprisons Shah Jahan and comes to power. Mughal power reaches its zenith. Emergence of Marathas. Mughal power weakens. British imprison Bhahdur Shah Zafar.
The Great Marathas 1674 AD – 1819 AD Shivaji takes the advantage of weakening power of Bahamanis and establishes Hindavi Swaraj. Shivaji escapes from Mughals and becomes Chattrapati. Aurangzeb executes Sambhaji and takes Sahu as prisoner. Tarabai comes to power. Marathas join under new leadership of Peshwas. Maratha kingdom weakens and loses power to British East India Company.
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