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Shopping in India

Shops by the road sidesIn India,Indian lifestyles clearly glorify their past and culture. The food, clothing and habits of an Indian differ in accordance to the place of origin. But the one thing which seems to be unique in every Indian is the urge for shopping. Every Indian is fond of shopping around and exploring new places and India seems to be a perfect place for any traveller whether he is Indian or non-Indian. It offers everything to its tourists. Shopping in India has something for almost every kind of traveler, exhibiting a vast range of arts and crafts, which is a treat for the onlooker and are ready to be picked. The Bazaars spill with products so, shopping in India, can be great fun those who love to explore new markets and shopping places.

Shopping in Kashmir
Starting from Kashmir where everyone seems to associate themselves with carpets has also many other attractions to be shown. You can pick pure woolen shawls, walnuts and almonds are available in the market throughout the year. Being substantially cheaper in Kashmir than elsewhere, they too make good gifts. Other food products from Kashmir are shah zira (also called kala zira), Kashmiri chillies and honey.

Shopping in Rajasthan
Brimmed with ample tourist attractions, Rajasthan is truly a place for shopping freaks. You can explore the colourful and traditional Rajasthan with a large heart as you'll need to stop at innumerable places for shopping. It is one of the prime things to do in Rajasthan. The colourful bazaars of Rajasthan offer tourists a great chance to shop and enjoy the vibrant culture of this desert place. This grandiose place specializes in many items like Rajasthani jewellery, Thewa pendants, textiles, kota style paintings, dhurries, stone sculptures, terracotta potteries, embroidered fabrics, stone carving, metal craft, kundan jewellery, wooden artefacts, silver jewellery, trinkets, cotton rugs, leather footware, dyed cotton fabrics, paintings, camel saddles, shawls, beads, lakh bangles, metal utensils, wooden toys and blankets.

Shopping in Agra
Agra - Marble work Some of the fine works for which Agra is famous includes marble work, such as inlay work of the kind seen within the Taj Mahal; leather work coating a wide range of products such as shoes, bags, belts and more; rugs and carpets, woven by expert craftsmen who continue the secrets of carpet weaving taught generations ago by Persian rug makers, and brass ware which includes artifacts such as hookah bases, for those who wish to learn an oriental souvenir.

Shopping in Delhi and Bangalore
Tourists find a wide choice of items in the capital city – Delhi - such as carpets, silks, jewellery, leather and silver ware, handicrafts and hand printed cotton - that are similar with India. Shopping at Bangalore can be real fun as you'll enjoy shopping from pure silk saris to Swaroski crystals. You can find anything that you fancy on the streets and shops of Bangalore.

Shopping in Goa
The excellent local handicrafts of Goa are easily the most popular souvenir items and include brass ware, terracotta, shell work, crochet, carved furniture, bamboo work, papier-mache, etc. Another item which is on the list of every traveller to Goa is a pack of the famed cashew nuts. These are available everywhere. There are shops which have an expertise in selling only cashew nuts. The nuts are available in a wide variety of tastes ranging from plain, salted and masala.

Shopping in Varanasi and Mysore
Banarsi Sarees produced by local craftsmen of Benaras are among the most preferred, not only in India but across the world. Brass ware, copper ware, ivory ware, glass bangles, wood and clay toys and exquisite gold jewelry are some of the other crafts the city is famous for. Mysore is a reputed place for handicrafts. The elegant and attractive items of handicrafts mostly are wood-based, made out of sandalwood, rosewood and teakwood.

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